Menu of Services

Active Excursions offers a menu of customized services from which to choose to create your ideal adventure—but we aren't limited to the items below. Ask us about other services we can provide that would enhance your experience.

  • Vetting and hiring expert instructors and guides
  • Obtaining necessary permits and licenses for the excursion
  • Designing, producing, and sending invitations to the excursion
  • Making travel and transportation arrangements 
  • Arranging food and beverages (restaurant or catering)
  • Designing, producing, transporting, and assembling signage and decorations at the site
  • Selecting and hiring event photographers and/or videographers
  • Designing and ordering giveaways, gift baskets, prizes, and awards
  • Assisting with or administering social media promotion pre- and post-excursion
  • Developing and delivering health and wellness programs for families, groups, associations, and individuals
  • Developing and delivering environmental programs 
Phone: 410-298-5643
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